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Marshals is the high-end, but accessible online auction platform that brings buyers and sellers of premium cars together distinctively and transparently. From creating a new well-fitting name to the complete branding to the development of the platform. We did it all.

The client – a car and motorsport fanatic with an eye for exclusive, unique items – asked us to discover a non-traditional market together. Bringing demand (car buyers) and supply (car sellers) together distinctively and transparently through an online auction platform.

The platform is not for your ‘everyday’ cars: iconic, premium models of the most exclusive brands and collectibles are taken into auction.  Marshals is here to support the buyer and seller and oversee throughout the complete trading process.

Marshals Car Auctions

Named after the Marshals in the motorsports. They are responsible for the safety of the competitors and are strategically placed around the track to assist the racers at all times. They are on top of the action and are essential to everything that happens on the track.


The logo combines classic and modern to a healthy balance. The logo senses a ‘chic’ appearance, to achieve a professional and trust-worthy image. Through custom adjustments to the typeface and the flag icon, we implement informality.


A diverse but specific color pallet was chosen to match the brand. The whole breathes professionalism, but also warmth. ‘Audacious Yellow’ is the color that is seen the most often in combination with a deep blue. The other complementary colors are picked to emphasize specific parts, but at the same time, stimulate freedom in creativity.

The platform

Stuurmen has been responsible for the design and the development of the online platform. It was of great importance to implement the Marshals mindset as strongly as possible through a thought out user-friendly interface.

During this process, a range of scenarios and variables had to be taken into account.  This includes creating an account, submitting a car for auction, placing a bid, being outbid, winning the auction, placing a bid that is too low, etc., etc.  For every situation, a corresponding flow had to be created in order for the users to always be updated on the status of the auction.  It was a great challenge to create each of these touchpoints uniquely and to create a coherent whole.


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