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Our extremely honest FAQ

Stuurmen creates premium brands. We work with companies that are ready to unleash their premium potential. Through top-notch branding, we drive growth, change, or both.

Getting the best quality imaginable, service really being tailored to your needs and being happy to use something because it is made to last. 

A high-quality product or service focuses on the customer’s experience, assuring them they're getting value for their money, and so, everyone is happy.


Easy: we love premium ourselves. Where possible, we opt for premium products and services. On the one hand because they are worth the investment, and on the other hand because it fits perfectly with our 'Kill off the average™' mentality. Premium excites us, and we want to pass on that effect to our customers.

Our process combines business strategy, creative perspective and making the brand come to life. Read about it on our 'Approach' page.

We understand that premium branding is about grace, elegance, no-fuss solutions, and forward-thinking solutions tailored to your customers. Likewise, we know that premium isn’t just about the price of your products or services; it’s about making sure your customers feel like a million bucks when they buy from you. View our services to see how we make sure that your brand's message gets delivered with finesse.

Premium quality requires premium commitment. The cost depends on the complexity of the request. Ballpark figure: we need at least 100 hours to create a ‘Kill off the average™’, premium brand.

We’re helping you to make people buy stuff from you.