kill off the average

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Stuurmen Branding & Digital


Branding is like a battlefield with inadequately-armed soldiers: mediocrity rules. Can you succeed if you only have the basic equipment? No way, Jose. Only when you know who you are can you become whatever you want.

Stuurmen strips companies down and exposes the DNA right down to the hair follicles. We turn burning ambition into brand strategy and arm you with digital awesomeness. Kill off the average – mediocrity is way too boring. 🙌🏻🔥



Mediocrity rules. Strong brands with an authentic image are few and far between. Stuurmen swims against the current with award-winning design in the broadest sense of the word. Makes us pretty cool, like Vanilla Ice.

Stuurmen advises, designs and builds. Our creative sessions are the foundation for a powerful brand identity. Stuurmen calls it like it is and doesn’t buy into bullshit-bingo. Stuurmen is always honest and crystal clear, even when things have to be done totally differently. We strip every question down to the core, without losing sight of the bigger picture. Warning: We plough right through the well-worn path. Boundless ambitions need boundless ideas. Weird is the beginning of awesome.

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We’d like to thank our moms Diny & Edith for providing us with such great talent.

We’re always on the lookout for the talented who’ll expand the Stuurmen culture and team. Think you’re the right fit? Then we’d love to hear all about you.

Don’t send us an application letter and don’t attach your resume. Send us an email at and tell us why we fit you. Don’t forget to attach your favorite gif.

Thanks xoxo💋