It's our pursuit to eradicate mediocrity from this world. And that makes ‘becoming obsolete’ our ultimate goal. A tough nut to crack, but hey, we're always up for a challenge.

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Mediocrity does not stand a chance with us

Customers come and go. Many products barely meet expectations. Most brand promises are never kept. Mediocrity is everywhere and fatal to business success. But industry leaders are never mediocre. Never.

We set high standards for ourselves and our clients. We are driven by the need to unleash full potential and get the most out of every situation. With top-notch branding, we do justice to our mantra: ‘Kill Off the Average’. Mediocrity is way too boring.

The label premium

We work exclusively with companies that are keen to become or remain a leader within their industry. Companies that dare to swim against the current. Companies that are perfectly aware of the fact that the bar can always be set higher, and so are willing to do whatever it takes in order to take their business to the next level. In short: companies that are worthy of the label premium.

Core values
Play hard, play hard
We only do projects that we are excited about ourselves, so that working feels like playing. We call it ‘Play hard, play hard’.
Why tell me why
Premium means that everything has to be thought through with the utmost care. You can become whatever you want, as long as we both know exactly who you are.
That’s hot
That unconscious moment when you are walking down the street, minding your own business… A beautiful person walks by, and you catch yourself turning your head and taking a peek. That's what we want for your brand.
We witty
It's the unpolished edges that give character to a polished brand. With playful elements and clever copy, we see to it that your customers are pleasantly surprised.
No bullshit bingo
We like to cut to the chase. We’re sincere and direct, even if the message is uncomfortable.

We are located in Eindhoven, a city of high-tech and high design. A cradle for premium brands, and therefore a natural basis for Stuurmen.

Commitment to high standards, specialist knowledge and a genuine interest in premium products and services is what describes our team best.

Eva SmeinsCreative Marketeer
Sven JeurgensCreative Developer
Mike HendriksCreative Developer
Barend EijkenduijnBrand & Webdesigner
Joas IheCreative Developer
Stijn de JongFounder & New Business
Frank van OudhuizenFounder & Designer
Michelle van de VosseProjectmanager
You?Content Marketeer