Mediocrity is boring. That is why we are always looking for talent, to help us rid the world of 'average-ness'. Are you ready to grow with our premium branding agency?

Mediocrity doesn't stand a chance with us. We set high standards for ourselves and for our customers. We are driven by the need to get the most out of every situation. With top-notch branding, we do justice to our motto: 'Kill off the average.'



Your own MacBook, monitor and accessories


Budget for your own development plan


25 holidays per year if you work full-time


Extra days off between Christmas and New Year's Eve


Pension scheme, not the least important


Free lunch, snacks and drinks


Personal coaching (1-to-1)


The possibility of working from home two days a week


Travel allowance from a certain distance and up to a maximum amount


Participate in Award-winning assignments and learn from Awwwards judges

Our core values are as followed:

  • Think before you ink
  • No guts, no glory
  • No bullshit bingo
  • A touch of wit
  • Lead by example

With a team that reflects 'lead by example' and where mediocrity has no place, we have received more than 40 awards from the likes of Awwwards, CSSDA, and SiteInspire. Each of these awards is a building block of our reputation as a leading branding agency.

At Stuurmen, we believe that creativity works best when we are together. Nevertheless, we value work-life balance and offer the flexibility to work from home up to two days a week. This allows you to alternate being together in the office with the concentration that working from home offers.

First, of course, you contact us. Tell us what drives you, what you are looking for and why you fit in with us. We are looking for a good click between you and Stuurmen. Therefore, the more you share about yourself and why you are applying to Stuurmen, the better! If we have become enthusiastic, we will invite you (virtually) for an introductory meeting. Are we both still enthusiastic after that? Then we will really go in-depth at a second interview.

At Stuurmen, we are always open to talent. We believe in the power of diversity and would like to provide a platform for independent professionals to use their talents. Whether you have experience in graphic design, video, development, copywriting, marketing, or other areas relevant to our work, we are open to various collaboration opportunities.

Feel free to send your portfolio, CV and a brief introduction of yourself to so we can get a better understanding of your skills and experience. We think it is important to discover how we can complement each other and realise cool projects together.

Who knows, maybe our first contact will lead to a successful collaboration in the near future! We look forward to hearing more about your talent and ideas, and to exploring how we can jointly contribute to Stuurmen's ambitious goals.

Dedication to high standards, specialist knowledge and genuine interest in premium products-and services-is what best describes our team. We also have a great time together and can really appreciate a good sense of humour.

In the beginning, when Stuurmen was in its infancy and Frank and Stijn were the only two pioneers, a tradition developed that gave Friday afternoons a special meaning. It was a time when deadlines pressed and creative sparks were the only sources of light in the small, cosy office.

One random Friday afternoon, in the midst of an intense brainstorming session, Frank discovered that the Albert Heijn around the corner had a special offer: delicious frikandellenbroodjes fresh from the oven. In an attempt to add some levity to the stressful day, he suggested getting some of these savoury treats for a shared lunch.

The first bites were an instant success, and so began the tradition of frikandellenbroodjes Friday at Stuurmen. Frank and Stijn soon noticed that the taste of these sandwiches not only caressed their taste buds, but also strengthened team spirit. Sharing sandwiches became a weekly ritual, a moment of relaxation amid the hectic creative process.

As the team grew, so did the popularity of frikandellenbroodjes Friday. It became a ritual of welcoming new team members with open arms and a frikandellenbroodje. Even as Stuurmen evolved into an established digital branding agency, frikandellenbroodjes Friday remained a recurring highlight; a reminder of Stuurmen's origins. It is therefore not only a treat for the taste buds, but also a tribute to the team spirit and creativity that characterise Stuurmen.

Because sometimes a GIF says more than a thousand words. At Stuurmen, we can obviously appreciate funny GIFs, and are curious to see what you've found. Make us laugh, grin or even go into an "I-can't-stop-laughing-more" mood and who knows, maybe your GIF will become the star of the day at Stuurmen. So come on, make those pixels dance and share the fun!