Kill off the average™: Unleashing brand potential

Published on31.03.2023

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Written byFrank van Oudhuizen

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Are you tired of being just another forgettable brand in a sea of mediocrity? Do you crave standing out and making a difference in your industry? Look no further than Stuurmen Branding Agency and our 'Kill off the average™' philosophy. In this article, we'll explore how to stand out, how to improve your brand and make a lasting impression. So, buckle up and let’s spice things up a bit!

“Don't be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”


Let's surpass your wildest dreams!

The origin and definition of ‘Kill off the average™’

Once upon a time, when Stuurmen Branding Agency was nothing but a pipe dream, Stijn and Frank had a revelation. They looked around their industry and saw nothing but boring, run-of-the-mill work. To their dismay, clients from outside the industry were somehow impressed by this mediocrity and were giving it a standing ovation. Can you believe it?

But Stijn and Frank weren't going to let mediocrity have the last laugh. They refused to settle for average and decided to take a big risk. They were going to make work that was actually good. So, they came up with the genius idea of 'Kill off the average™' (cue the dramatic music). And just like that, Stuurmen Branding Agency was born.

The problem with being average

Being average is like eating plain white rice when you could be feasting on a rich, flavourful paella dish. Sure, the plain white rice might fill you up, but do you really want to miss out on all the deliciousness that the paella has to offer?

Now, don't get us wrong. There's nothing inherently wrong with being average. Some people love being a part of the crowd, and staying in their comfort zone. And that's okay. But for those who want more out of life, who want to stand out and make a difference, being average just won't cut it.

Why settle for being just another forgettable face in the crowd when you could be so much more? Our clients know that they're meant for greatness. They refuse to let mediocrity hold them back. They aim to push themselves beyond their limits, show off their unique qualities, and be the best possible version of themselves. To Stuurmen, that's what it means to ‘Kill off the average™’.

The importance of originality

  1. Mediocre products and services (right?)

    In today's world, it's all too common to come across products, services, and brands that lack originality and are about as exciting as the plain rice from the previous paragraph. This oversaturation of sameness can leave consumers feeling bored, uninterested, and uninspired. On the other hand, there are plenty of original or high-quality products and services out there that go unnoticed simply because they're not well-branded. And that, my friends, is a serious issue.

  2. The negative impact of mediocrity

    The issue? These remarkable products and services out there go unnoticed because they're drowned out by the snooze-fest offerings of the market. They simply don’t stand out. It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack, except both the haystack and the needle are made up of that plain white rice. Curse you, plain white rice!

  3. Eliminating the 'un' in unfulfilled potential

    But wait, there's hope! Brands that genuinely care about standing out from the crowd can catapult themselves above the sea of mediocrity. By embracing and elaborating on their purpose, qualities and differentiating values/approach, they can develop a premium brand that's impossible to ignore. That’s where we, Stuurmen Branding Agency, come in. If that wasn’t super clear already.

    And for consumers, the hunt for those hidden gems is like a treasure hunt. Sure, it might take a bit of effort, but the payoff is worth it. You just can’t expect consumers to magically find you on their own, when you don’t make an effort to be visible to them.

The perks of killing of the average

  1. Every moment counts

    By killing off the average, brands create a lasting impression on their customers. Every touchpoint, every interaction, becomes an opportunity to deepen the relationship between the consumer and the brand.

    When every moment counts, it means that brands must prioritise quality and attention to detail at every step of the customer journey. From the first point of contact to the final sale and beyond, each touchpoint must be carefully crafted to deliver an exceptional experience, and that’s what branding is best at. Think of it like wooing a crush: you can't just show up in sweatpants and expect them to fall head over heels. You need to bring your best game every single time.

    Customer Journey Steps  
  2. Falling in love with your brand

    But, here’s the thing: this level of focus on the consumer can result in brand loyalty that goes beyond just the product or service being offered. It becomes a connection based on trust and shared values. And in today's crowded marketplace, building that connection makes all the difference, resulting in consumers turning into brand ambassadors without even having to ask them.

  3. Climbing to the top of your market

    Climbing to the top of your market becomes a lot easier when killing off the average. But why should a brand’s ambition be to climb to the top of their market? Being at the top of your market is not just about making money. While increased profits may be a result of being a market leader, there are some other serious perks.

    • Increased brand recognition

      A brand that is at the top of its market is likely to have greater brand recognition, as it is the go-to brand for customers in that particular industry. This can help to increase customer loyalty and drive sales.

    • Competitive advantage

      Being at the top of the market means that a brand has a competitive advantage over its rivals. This can help the brand to maintain its market share and increase profits.

    • Access to new markets

      A brand that is at the top of its market may have greater access to new markets, as it has already established a strong reputation and brand recognition. This can help the brand to expand its reach and drive growth.

    • Ability to attract top talent

      A brand that is at the top of its market is often seen as a desirable place to work, which can help the brand to attract top talent. This can be especially important in industries where innovation and creativity are key to success.

    • Higher perceived value

      Consumers often associate the top brand in a market with high quality, reliability, and prestige. As a result, being at the top of the market can help to increase the perceived value of a brand, which can translate into higher prices and greater profits.

      And remember: even brands with modest budgets can achieve a premium status in the eyes of their customers, proving that greatness is not solely reserved for those with deep pockets.

  4. Fulfilment of potential and dreams

    But it's not just about business success. Remember what we talked about at the beginning of this article? About being the best version of yourself at all times? This is all about fulfilment. Knowing that you did whatever it took. YOU made a statement about refusing to settle for the status quo, and that kind of dedication is contagious.

The importance of ambition in killing off the average

If you want to be the cream of the crop in your market as a premium brand, then ambition is the name of the game. Without it, you'll be stuck in the slow lane while your competitors whizz past you. Even with a solid brand in place, ambition is the fuel needed to keep going.

  1. Ambition drives goal-setting

    Ambition is the driving force behind setting goals and acting to achieve them. It provides the necessary motivation to push beyond average performance and strive for excellence.

  2. Ambition brings innovation

    Being ambitious means you're not satisfied with the status quo. You want to make a difference, to shake things up and bring innovation to your industry.

  3. Ambition inspires others

    When you demonstrate ambition, you inspire others to do the same. Your drive and determination can motivate and encourage your team to reach for new heights and achieve greater success.

The shortcut to wooing customers and dominating your market

There isn't one. That being said, there are some key steps you can take to elevate your brand above the competition. Can you do all of this on your own? Maybe. The truth is, it can be overwhelming to tackle all of these tasks while also running your business. That's where Stuurmen Branding Agency comes in.

How Stuurmen Branding Agency helps clients to Kill off the average™

A ‘strategy-first’ mentality

Killing off the average and unleashing full potential goes beyond just design and development because success starts with the right strategy. Branding and business always go hand in hand. Our ‘strategy-first’ mentality makes sure that our brands resonate even after they are no longer visible or audible. You can still feel their presence because their message settles smoothly into your brain. Through our integrated approach, we transform companies into premium brands that people will fall in love with.

  1. Brand strategy: Unlocking true potential

    We help our clients create a strong brand foundation by exploring their business goals, opportunities, market fit, and potential for greatness. By helping them clarify their beliefs, strengths, and desired perception among your target audience, we get a clear understanding of their identity. Once they know who they are, they can become whatever they want.

    Stuurmen Kantoor Pink Meetingroom

  2. Brand design: The foundation for a lasting impact

    We bring their brand to life by developing a solid base for effective brand communication. This includes crafting the brand narrative, tone of voice, logo, typography, colour palette, online brand book and more. And to top it off, we will create a plan for the next phase to maximise on developing the brand experience.

    Brand Book Impossible Drinks

  3. Brand experience: Uniting strategy and creativity

    We translate their brand strategy into eye-catching and thought-provoking solutions that are more than just pretty to look at. We aim to engage and inspire, from website and motion to print and packaging. And with our plan in place from the previous phase, we make sure their brand shines consistently and in no-time, across all relevant touchpoints.

  4. Brand support: Nurturing growth and relevance

    Imagine a brand as a living, breathing thing, constantly growing and evolving. Our brand support team helps to maintain the relevance and consistency of their brand experience. We provide continuous assistance in areas like content creation, design, development, social media, and SEO, and tailor our services to our client’s specific needs, so they can focus on what they do best.

    Stuurmen Men Using Colour Palette Picker

The final word

By killing off the average through the development of a premium brand, companies already make a first effort to climb to the top of their market. Add a few happy consumers to the mix, a pinch of constant innovation in an ever-changing market, and some offering of new products and services, and you have yourself a cocktail that is destined for success!

All jokes aside, climbing to the top of your market is of course about more than a premium brand, but trust us, it plays a big part. It's like the roof when building a house, you can't just focus on the fancy roof and ignore the walls. Sure, the roof is a big part of the house, but without walls, the whole thing would come crashing down. Just keep in mind that without the roof, the entire house was destined to fail in the first place. Do you like this analogy more than the one with the paella?

Curious about the Stuurmen effect?

Don’t be plain white rice. Be paella. Put your fears behind you, take on the challenge and contact us. Tell us what drives you, what you're looking for, and how we can surpass your wildest dreams.

Frank van Oudhuizen
Founder & New Business

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