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The reinvention of a premium car dealership

Branding & Website

2018 - current



Goodbye ‘De Automobielfabriek’, hello Triple&Crown. While a new website was the client’s initial focus, our strategy sessions revealed that more was needed to close the gap between its image and identity.

De Automobielfabriek was an online/offline car dealership. And not just any old car dealership. In the showroom, you could find brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar, Bentley and Aston Martin.

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In our strategic workshops, we uncovered its DNA. And what did we find out? Uniqueness was a top priority. They strived to be anything but ‘the car dealership on the corner’. Exceeding expectations, providing a premium product, always being one step ahead, rebellious, distinctive... just a few of the keywords that emerged from the sessions.

The brand name ‘De Automobielfabriek’ (English: The Automobile Factory) did not do enough justice to the exclusive range of cars, the high-quality service and the level of authenticity. So, we decided to deliver a bit more than what was asked of us.

Brand strategy


Success begins with ambition. Always striving to push the limits. Everything has to be just right. The right feeling, the right service, the right experience. That requires a team that you can rely on and an offer that is the envy of the industry. At Triple&Crown, they don’t aim for just any place on the podium. They always go for first place. Because ‘buying a car’ isn’t something you do on a whim. Whether it concerns reliable technical advice, your annual service or simply delicious Italian coffee: they are at your service. Because good can always get even better.

Triple&Crown. It was meant to be – named after the Triple Crown of Motorsports. The title awarded to winners of three of the most prestigious races in the world. To date, only one icon has managed to win this title, Graham Hill to be exact. Triple&Crown stands for class, being in a league of your own, for excitement and a rebellious spirit.

Brand design & Brand experience


The new Triple&Crown logo represents the perfect balance between classic and modern. The logotype features sleek letters, while the ‘&’ logomark refers to the handwritten ‘&’ that was common in the past. The overall effect is a logo that is in sync with the brand: classic car brands and luxury rides, delivered by a modern company.


The Triple&Crown colour palette has been carefully composed to convey both professionalism and accessibility. The primary colour within the brand was derived from the old British ‘Racing Green’, the international motor racing colour.

T&C Racing

Triple&Crown recently started assembling and rolling out its own racing team. We've been asked to take care of the branding again and to deal with strategic matters, as well as look after the design and wrapping for various Porsches, trailers and more.


The Triple&Crown website is one you wouldn’t readily see with a ‘car dealership’. The website largely revolves around emotion and seduction. The actual product range is a natural extension of that concept and comes in second place. This ensures that we first attract the right target group, those who share the Triple&Crown philosophy, before bringing the product range to their attention.

Brand support

Branding is anything but a ‘one-off’ and our ongoing collaboration with Triple&Crown is living proof of that. Our Brand support team provides weekly support in the design and development of content, car wrapping, premium print production and a range of other assets. It's our way of helping to keep the Triple&Crown brand relevant and ensure an enduring, consistent experience.


A skyward rebranding and an award-winning website