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The CubeHouse is a next-generation office building, designed to inspire, connect and accelerate tomorrow’s working world.

The CubeHouse’s three-dimensional approach creates spaces where visitors, businesses and nature can thrive, proving that sometimes the best things come from thinking inside the box.

Concept development
Web design & Development
Motion & Video

Together with G&S& (project developer) and Jetway (branding agency), we embarked on a mission to create a storytelling and user-friendly website for the introduction of The CubeHouse. Leaving mediocrity behind and paving the way for a new era of online excellence.


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Web strategy

In crafting The CubeHouse's web strategy, we seamlessly translated Jetway's compelling branding into an immersive and captivating website. Guiding visitors through a thoughtfully designed flow, we merged storytelling and commercial appeal, enticing them to embrace The CubeHouse as their workplace.

With mesmerising motion design and a strategic focus on conversion, we invite visitors to explore a world where innovation meets inspiration.


Branding by Jetway (branding agency)

Web design

Colour & Navigation

Each page within the website showcases its own primary colour, enhancing distinctiveness, while the overlay menu dynamically transitions with hover.

The website’s intro animation sets the stage for an extraordinary experience. As you navigate through the pages, the resizing square gracefully guides you, unveiling the story of The CubeHouse with each transition.

These dynamic motion elements, intricately woven into the fabric of the website, breathe life into the storytelling, creating a seamless fusion of design and narrative.

A layer of engagement

Simple yet effective animations breathe life into the content, improving readability and preventing a static visual experience. This dynamic approach adds a layer of engagement and ensures that information is presented in an engaging and captivating manner.


In addition, we introduced a "fixed" button that remains visible while scrolling, ensuring easy access for users to get in touch and convert at any point.


The CubeHouse embraces big headings that effortlessly guide visitors through the website. With their prominent size, these headings make it easy for users to skim and quickly identify the key information that is most relevant to them.

Web development

We brought the entire website to life using React, seamlessly connecting the frontend to the powerful Storyblok CMS.

By leveraging the versatility of React, we crafted a website that not only delivers exceptional performance but also ensures flexibility and scalability.

Integrating Storyblok CMS was a strategic decision, empowering our client with the ability to make adjustments and updates to the website effortlessly. The intuitive interface of Storyblok CMS provides a visual cue, allowing our client to see real-time changes as they are made, ensuring complete control and transparency throughout the process.

View the live website here!


Empowering collaboration through a new website