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2023 - current



Connection is where it starts. A merger between two prominent property developers, navigating their ambitious plans through a collaborative mindset.

G&S& is a brand stemming from the merger between G&S Vastgoed and BMB ontwikkeling. Through collaboration with experts and the communities impacted by the projects, G&S& embarks on projects that improve people’s lives and strengthen communities. More people, fewer bricks.

Brand & Web strategy
Concept development
Web design & Development
Motion & Video

Over the past 45 years, G&S& has refined a cross-disciplinary and collaborative approach to urban real estate development to ensure their projects, reflect the wishes of the people who will use it, not the ones to design it. 


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Web strategy

Due to the merger of our long-time client G&S Vastgoed, we collaborated for better to consistently integrate the new brand identity (created by The Stone Twins) into a ‘Kill off the average™’ digital experience.


By combining brand elements with subtle motion design that emphasise on the brand’s collaborative foundation, we ensured brand integrity throughout the design and development process. Creating a captivating website that keeps a consistent brand message and reflects the essence of G&S&. Portraying more people, fewer bricks.  

Strategic keypoints

It was essential for us to translate the new brand identity into a sweet and short user experience, without it being boring. To do so we used motion design, simplified the user navigation, and personalised the digital journey. Which has resulted in a unique and immersive experience, that offers efficient contacting options for various target groups at the same time.

Web design


Understanding the brand’s identity and unique objectives, we designed a user-centred web flow as a base for our design. A cohesive flow that effectively showcases the new G&S& brand, and strategically drives forward their business goals. From intuitive navigation to strategic content placement, every aspect of this flow is designed to guide users through a seamless and engaging digital journey.

Contextual menu

Based on our web strategy, the need for personalisation in the digital journey, and the various interactions that are possible within the flow, we designed a contextual menu that adapts fluently to the needs of the users in a personal way. Ensuring clear and custom navigation throughout the entire user flow, within a clean, easy to use, and dynamic design. 


By strategically dividing the existing palette, we used colours to create a recognisable contrast between the lively content representing G&S& and the minimalist style used for their projects. This allows space for the projects' distinctiveness, making a memorable impression without having to deal with non-compatible colours.


The core of the design for the widgets comes from a need for simplicity, and (function) recognition, whilst having more than one call to action. This stands in line with the web strategy, creating an uncluttered user experience.

Web development

Looking ahead, we ensured that G&S& can custom-build certain pages based on reusable elements that we designed and developed with React and supported by Storyblok CMS. By approaching the websites’ structure with a critical and strategic eye, we were able to tailor these to G&S&'s needs.

A consistent experience

To ensure a consistent experience across all devices, the G&S& website is optimised for performance, responsiveness, and cross-browser compatibility. Curious to experience it yourself? Head over to gens.nl to check out the live product. 


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