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Frozen logistics from A to Z, through service that feels like a tailor-made suit. Grow together, win together. Welcome to Froster.

Froster was started in 1980 by Nico Rombouts. His dream was to be the link between producer and wholesaler. 40 years later, this dream is still very much alive, but on a larger scale.

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However, there was a shift in Froster's value proposition and a gap was forming between identity and image. Where previously the emphasis was mainly on the saturated wholesale model, the emphasis should be much more on the all-in logistics model. Together, we have re-examined the Froster DNA, revitalised the brand and prepared it for the future.

Brand strategy

Through various workshops we were able to observe, analyse and conclude together. After all, we believe that you can only become what you want when you know exactly who you are.

It was important that the Froster "soul" would be preserved at all times. The right service at the right time, wishing each other success, and above all with a lot of fun and service, helping clients and employees grow. We didn't make it any harder than it needed to be, by introducing a tagline that sums up this soul in two words: "Winning together".

Brand design & Brand experience


We have chosen to largely retain the old Froster logomark in terms of shape, and only make some minor adjustments. Why, you ask? There was nothing wrong with it, and it ensured that we did not have to compromise on recognisability in that area.

What we did revamp is the Froster logotype. The old logotype made use of a serif typeface, which wasn't in line with the minimalist, straightforward nature of the logomark. The result is a simple and powerful logo that is not based on trends, but strives for timelessness.


Let's go back in time 40 years. To the time when Froster was founded under the name 'Rombouts Food International'. Traces of this era can still be seen at Froster's office. The entrance to the building uses a specific shade of green, and even the old logo is engraved into the door handle.


The colour green in question tells Froster's story like no other, and if we want to preserve the soul of the company, then this colour plays a big part in that.

We have supplemented the colour palette with complementary colours so that creativity can be maintained without compromising on the Froster feel.

Design language

Within the Froster design language, we use arrows that originate from the Froster logo mark. We are thus extending the brand by having this arrow appear, depending on the specific message within that medium.


We opted for a combination of two entirely different typefaces. On the one hand, we use the famous Neue Haas Grotesk. A proven and timeless typeface that exudes power. We combine this with the Tiempos typeface, which visualises the warm 'family business' aspect. The combination of both typefaces creates an interesting but coherent interplay between titles and subtitles.


The new Froster website has become a true extension of the brand. It is designed and built to be professional, but with room for playful elements to be scattered around. 'All-in logistics' is of course the most prominent within the website, but the individual services are also easy to navigate to.

Froster is growing, and the search for talent is of the utmost importance. That is why we have put great effort into the 'working at' environment on the website. Here, we present the application process as clearly as possible and let the feeling of a "family business" speak. Because, as cold as Froster's products are, the atmosphere is very warm.


Game-changing branding to reflect a levelled-up identity