A rebranding that makes the impossible, possible

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Impossible Drinks

World's most exclusive, sought-after wines, whiskeys and spirits, at your fingertips.

Are you looking for a rare bottle to finish off your private wine cellar? A specific vintage that has a particular meaning to your family? Or perhaps you are seeking that extra-special drink to tickle your tastebuds?

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Thanks to an extensive supply network, direct relationships with some of the world’s rarest cellars and decades of expertise, Impossible Drinks has easy access to the world’s most desirable wines, whiskeys and spirits.


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Brand strategy

Several business and branding workshops helped us to understand the Impossible Drinks initiative and to realise a solid brand strategy. After all, you can only become what you want when you know who you are. The main challenge was to create a brand that feels authentic and familiar. Like it's been around for decades.

It turned out that — even at this early stage in the process — the brand name no longer matched the company's ambitions. At that point, the brand was called 'Impossible Wines'. A great name, but quite specific. A name like this can have its advantages, but not when the ambition is to conquer the market not only with wines, but also with whiskeys and spirits. 


We therefore opted for a name change from 'Impossible Wines' to 'Impossible Drinks'. A name like this opens doors to what we call an 'umbrella brand', allowing growth in different services and products, without creating confusion.

Brand design & Brand experience

Exceeding expectations is where satisfaction ends and loyalty begins. Impossible Drinks knows their market, and they will go that extra mile for you. Personal service, swiftness and convenience are of paramount importance and if they say that they will get it done, they will get it done. Whether it's a 1965 Bowmore, or a Macallan Lalique 50.

The Impossible Drinks logomark is the result of the above and related to the new pay-off: 'Impossible made possible'. The logomark symbolises that one light at the end of the tunnel. That rare find that many consider unattainable and impossible, except for Impossible Drinks.

The logomark is simple, elegant and functional, as it is also used as a replacement for the letter 'O' within the Impossible Drinks logo. This creates recognisability. Even in situations where resources are limited.

Colour & Design language

A diverse colour palette has been chosen, with careful attention to freedom of creativity. The palette exudes authenticity and professionalism. The ideal balance between 'warm' and 'competent'. The design language used within the brand descends from the logomark and is used for recognisability purposes, while at the same time, reinforcing certain compositions.


The style of photography is calm, authentic and complementary to the colour palette, whether it concerns atmospheric photography or product photography.


A strong brand experience flows seamlessly into digital, and that is precisely what we have tried to achieve with the new Impossible Drinks website. We keep it clean and simple, but by playing with subtle animations and transitions, we add personality to the whole. For example, all texts and images are subtly loaded in through motion and the logo acts as a compass within the menu on the website.

Different colours from the colour palette have individual functions. For example, the 'Clay' colour is always inherent to the Wall of Fame; a collection of drinks that Impossible Drinks has already made possible. In addition to providing the Wall of Fame page on the website with this colour, the colour of the homepage also changes into this colour when visitors arrive at this particular section.


A skyward rebranding and an award-winning website