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Mooncolony is a premium concept art and illustration studio, working for renowned clients such as Blizzard, Riot Games and Bethesda.

We had the privilege of designing and developing a captivating and user-friendly website for Mooncolony, capturing the essence of their boundary-pushing artistry.

Brand & Web strategy
Research & Insight
Verbal & Visual identity
Web design & Development
Motion & Video

In addition, we conceptualized and crafted the logo for Lunar Academy, infusing it with the spirit of creative education and future-focused innovation.

Web strategy

Launching the web strategy phase, we undertook a comprehensive collaborative workshop with Mooncolony, exploring their business objectives, target demographic, unique offering, and operations. These insights, gleaned from Mooncolony's core ethos and processes, became the bedrock of our web design strategy.

Armed with a collection of distinctive ideas, we fashioned a website that serves as a seamless extension of Mooncolony's identity, whilst making sure that everything is in place for potential clients to convert with ease.

Branding by Studio.Build

Strategic keypoints

Our design for Mooncolony's website was centred on three key strategies.

The 'Premium but fun' approach emphasised their high-quality services while incorporating a sense of playfulness, reflective of their creative ethos.

'Showcase high-quality work' was crucial; we were dedicated to prominently displaying Mooncolony's impressive portfolio to fully represent their unrivalled artistry.

Lastly, we employed a 'Persona-based website flow', creating an intuitive, personalised navigation experience that guides users smoothly to their desired information and contacts.

Web design

Our design spotlights Mooncolony's extraordinary artwork, making it central to the site. We amplify this by naming well-known clients like Blizzard, underscoring Mooncolony's prestige as creators of the artwork for the renowned game: Hearthstone.

The design captures more than just Mooncolony's professional side; their playful culture also shines through. Beyond facts, the site features enjoyable tidbits, all delivered with a light-hearted tone. Our goal isn't merely to design a showcase, but to encapsulate Mooncolony's full character—from artistic mastery to spirited ethos.

Infusing identity

Though the website has a premium, minimalistic design, Mooncolony's unique identity shines brightly.


We've infused elements of their brand throughout - like utilising the shapes of the Mooncolony logo for project thumbnails, and opting for hand-drawn avatars over conventional photos when showcasing Mooncolony's people.

Web development

During the web development phase, we prioritised seamless user interactions. To enhance communication efficiency, we implemented a notable feature that allows visitors to easily schedule calls directly with the appropriate personnel.

Furthermore, to achieve a fully customised and efficient content management experience, we built the website using React and adopted a headless architecture. This approach seamlessly connects any front-end with Dato CMS, empowering Mooncolony to have complete control over their content, all within a centralised content hub.

Lunar Academy

Our logo design for Lunar Academy captures the essence of its mission.

The logomark symbolises the vastness of galaxies, expressed through a star-shaped element, reflecting the boundless creative potential of aspiring artists.

Additionally, the shape of a rocket signifies the transformative journey and liftoff into artistic excellence that Lunar Academy offers.

While remaining in line with the minimalistic and premium Mooncolony brand, the design as a whole embodies the spirit of exploration, imagination, and growth that defines Lunar Academy's commitment to nurturing and training digital artists and illustrators.


Game-changing branding to reflect a levelled-up identity