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Shaping Ambition through a new brand and website

Branding & Website

2021 - current



StrideQuest is your goto partner for workforce development, HR insights, and talent acquisition, specialised in servicing the games industry.

In partnership with StrideQuest, our mission was to craft a brand that captures the essence of adventure and growth, while also establishing a strong foothold in the competitive job market for gaming enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

Business strategy
Brand & Web strategy
Research & Insight
Brand & Product positioning
Creative direction
Brand narrative
Verbal & Visual identity
Web design & Development
Motion & Video
Copywriting & Photography
Content creation
Social media management

Understanding the dynamic nature of the video games industry, our branding approach centered around creating an identity that exudes innovation, excitement, and endless possibilities. Through meticulous design choices, we sculpted a brand that resonates with both talent-seeking companies and ambitious job seekers.


Game-changing branding to reflect a levelled-up identity