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Goodbye, De Automobielfabriek, hello Triple&Crown. Looking pretty today! The client came in looking for a new website but concluding from our strategic sessions, more was needed to close the gap between their brand image and their brand identity. The result: a pretty dope name change, rebranding and website!

The Automobielfabriek was an online/offline car dealer, but not just a regular one. In their showroom, you could find brands like Ferrari, Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, and more. You can say high-end brands.

In our strategic sessions, we discovered the real brand-DNA. And what turned out? Uniqueness was key. They wanted to be everything but the regular car dealer you will find on every corner of the street. Exceeding expectations, a fine product, always one step ahead of the game, rebellious, being different… Those are the keywords we discovered in our session that needed to define the new brand.

The brand name ‘De Automobielfabriek’ (In English: The Carfactory) was not leveling with the exclusive offers, the high-end service, and the degree of authenticity.


That is what it had to be. Referring to the Triple Crown of Motorsport. A title that can only be redeemed by winning 3 of the most prestigious motor races in the world. So far only one icon has managed to acquire this title, Graham Hill is his name. Triple&Crown stands for class, on the top of the competition, excitement, and rebellion.


Since now it was clear what the brand stands for and what name it fits best, the next step was the execution and implementation. We always make sure that the brand identity is not only strongly reflected on the website but in every step of the customer journey; every touchpoint. Signing, newsletter templates, trailer stickers, work clothes, flags, social media videos, forms, business cards… The whole picture!

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