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Through science and data, the unconscious part of human behavior is addressed. The result? Thumb-stopping content.

Why do followers click en masse on article A and not on article B? Why does one social video finally go through the roof and the other doesn't? The answer lies in the unconscious brain. That's where the magic happens.

Which colours grab attention, which copy triggers people to stop scrolling, and which video techniques work like a magnet on the viewer's eyes?

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YUNE thinks in terms of impact. They humanise brands through relevant content. We created YUNE's brand strategy and visual identity that is aimed at making a stronger connection with the target group and at the same time standing out in a busy and competitive industry.


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Brand strategy

Creating stories that brands become known for. That's the goal. It has been clear to YUNE that this is not feasible without a combination of the right tools. Tools in the form of behavioural scientific insight and creativity.

However, this did not resonate with how the outside world viewed YUNE. They mainly saw an agency that did just about anything, as long as it had to do with content or video. We could therefore speak of a worrying split between identity and image.

Only when you know who you are can you become whatever you want. We researched the YUNE business and brand through various interactive workshops. The translation that followed has resulted in a compelling brand, in which identity and image seamlessly flow into each other.

Brand design & Brand experience


The new YUNE logomark has its origins in the combination of ‘science' and 'creativity'. At first glance, two rather contrasting landscapes, until you put them together. Then magic happens.

We visualised this by bringing together two separate shapes, both with their own unique colours. The result is one whole in which colour and shape flow into each other. One whole that visualises the YUNE initial and the pay-off 'where science and creativity meet'.


The colours within the YUNE brand are based on the analysis and representation of brain activity when exposed to different types of stimuli. With this, we are referring to social and behavioural science, where certain forms of response behaviour are monitored and documented in order to ultimately be able to make predictions in behaviour.


Colour progression within the YUNE logo is dynamic and dependent on the specific area of behavioural science being applied at that time.


A premium brand inevitably passes the web, and again we have managed to bridge the gap between online and offline. The new YUNE website is all about the combination of science and creativity and is packed with features that support this, such as dynamic headlines, interactive cards and animated gradients, without compromising the actual content.


A skyward rebranding and an award-winning website