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Graphic designer — Full-time.

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Bagels & Beans

At Bagels & Beans, the rules are different. That's what you feel instantly. Most of the time it's in the little things: the people, the atmosphere, the peace. Too much to describe, really. But they all have one thing in common: attention. For you.

Bagels & Beans makes it possible for entrepreneurs to start their own Bagels & Beans. We’ve created the Bagelpower website as a tool to inform in a modern and fun fashion. Everything you need to know is there. From costs to earnings. We kinda have a ‘no secrecy’ policy.

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Branding — Digital

Van Heesch & Hosselet

We’re always on the lookout for the talented who’ll expand the Stuurmen culture and team. Think you’re the right fit? Then we’d love to hear all about you.

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