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Studio Mees

Studio Mees connects people and brands. Through powerful photos, time stands still for a moment and the viewer is brought back to the ‘here and now’.

A great photo has an irresistible appeal and this is exactly what each project creates.

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Studio Mees captures exceptional brands with a love for food, drinks and lifestyle. Studio Mees, Part of the Brand.


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Brand strategy

Studio Mees is the creative incubator run by Mees van den Ekart, a proud man from southern Den Bosch with a deep love for life and a flair for the moment. With unbridled enthusiasm, he does everything in his power to bring out the best in a product or brand. Together with his team, he ensures that every image strikes exactly the right note. We've defined it as ‘Part of the Brand’.

Brand design & Brand experience


The new Studio Mees logo is an abstract interplay of lines and symbolises ‘connection’ through the continuous lines visible in the centre of the logo. Of course, the lines also form the name ‘Mees’.


A website that conveys personality and offers the opportunity to show top-notch work. That's what we aimed for. We have strategically loaded and designed the website and we developed it. We give character to a minimalist whole through playful, subtle elements. We have also built a switch into the project pages, which makes it possible to change the background color of the page from white to black. This way Mees's work always comes into its own.


The blooming transformation of the Certhon brand