The blooming transformation of the Certhon brand

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2021 - current



Fresh tomatoes in the desert, strawberries in Hong Kong and sweet peppers in the snow. Certhon is transforming food systems from the inside out.

Imagine a world that isn't restricted by rules. Where any food can be cultivated, anywhere. Regardless of the season or climate. A world where everyone has access to healthy, safe and sustainable food.

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Growing anything, anywhere. For everyone. That's the plan. And it's feasible, as Certhon has proven time and time again. New opportunities, better results and higher yields. Because when you combine smart technology and plant sciences with the willingness to take on the most complex challenges, you reap the rewards. Guaranteed.

Brand strategy

It is only on rare occasion that we get involved in an ongoing project. But this project was truly an exception. Certhon asked for our help in the further roll-out and implementation of their new brand. The brand had already been strategically defined and translated into a visual identity in cooperation with AKQA Amsterdam.

However, there was still plenty to be done, as much of the identity only existed in digital format. What's more, only limited consideration had been given to how the brand would be presented online and a campaign for the brand new ‘Certhon Harvest Robot’ still had to be set up. In short, there were still plenty of exciting things to tackle.

Brand experience

Continuing to develop the work done by others can be quite a task. That's because the overall effect has to remain recognisable and consistent, even though you haven't laid the foundations yourself. Fortunately, the style of the brand matched up very well with the style we like to see and apply.

In further developing the brand, we handled an endless amount of products such as stands, printed materials, signage, clothing, motion elements, videos, etc.

Corporate website

Certhon asked us to help them with their corporate website. A preliminary strategic process allowed us to map out the various online target groups and create a customised flow for each of them. We then translated the flow into interactive wireframes, ensuring that everyone was on the same page before starting on the design and development.

The new Certhon website has truly become an extension of the brand. The minimalistic style was maintained. We created a modern experience through the use of motion and asymmetric grids. This has resulted in a platform where Certhon can showcase its services and projects on the one hand, and attract talented staff on the other.

Certhon Harvest Robot

Cleaner and more efficient harvesting starts today. The Certhon Harvest Robot shows what is possible when you combine smart technology, ambition and cultivation knowledge. The Certhon Harvest Robot detects, cuts and moves tomatoes completely independently. And the great thing: self-learning technology makes the robot a bit smarter every day.

Certhon asked us to support the launch of the robot. We have realized a modern one-pager that explains the robot with great emotion and makes it interesting for investors to join. In addition, we have developed various assets that contributed during the launch of the robot, such as advertisements, banners, printed matter, etc.


Brand support

We are still working closely with Certhon to this day. Certhon is very active internationally, so there is always work to be done. Whether it involves exhibition stands, newsletters, banners, posters or signage, we assist Certhon wherever it is needed.


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