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2020 - current



Marshals is a high-end, accessible online auction house that brings buyers and sellers of premium cars together in a way that is both distinctive and transparent.

Iconic, premium cars from the most exclusive brands and collectables are put on auction here. MARSHALS provides buyers and sellers with the support they need and oversees the entire sales process. From initial contact to final delivery of the vehicle.

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From naming to design to the final development of the platform. We did it all.

Brand strategy


Named after the marshals in motor sports, who are responsible for the drivers' safety during races. They stand on the sidelines, ready to assist the racers at various points on the track and make sure everything runs smoothly. They're close to all the action and play a key role in everything that happens on the circuit.

Brand design & Brand experience


It was important for the new MARSHALS logo to strike the right balance between classic and modern. The vintage motorsports feel had to be preserved, yet at the same time we didn’t want it to seem stale or old-fashioned. This is why the new logotype uses a classic typeface that we modified to create a more contemporary look. 


A diverse and dynamic colour palette was chosen, encouraging more creative freedom within the brand and its communications. We have broken down the colours into primary and secondary colours to avoid compromising the recognisability and consistency of the brand experience.

Website & Auction platform

When designing and developing the auction platform, it was imperative that the MARSHALS philosophy was implemented as meticulously as possible. The brand focuses on providing assistance and support, so user-friendliness was certainly high on the priority list.

A wide range of scenarios and variables were considered, for instance creating an account, submitting a car for auction, placing a bid, outbidding, winning the auction, placing a bid that is too low, etc., etc. The right flow had to be determined for every conceivable situation, ensuring that users are constantly updated on the status of the auction. The entire system has even been set up and linked, so that users receive automatic notifications.


The reinvention of a premium car dealership