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Studio Mees connects people and brands. With powerful photos we stop the clock for a while and bring the viewer into the here and now. A good photo has an irresistible appeal and that is exactly what we want to create for every project. Studio Mees portrays special brands, with a preference for food, drinks and lifestyle. Studio Mees, Part of the Brand.

Studio Mees is the creative breeding ground of Mees van den Ekart, exuberant Bosschenaar with an eye for the right moment. With unbridled enthusiasm he stops at nothing to bring out the best of a product or brand. Together with his team, he makes sure every image strikes the right chord. ‘Part of the Brand’ we called it.

Besides the strategy, Stuurmen is also responsible for the entire brand design, as well as the digital phase. Resulting in a high quality website. One that a modern photographer can be proud of.


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We’re always on the lookout for the talented who’ll expand the Stuurmen culture and team. Think you’re the right fit? Then we’d love to hear all about you.

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