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An updated and contemporary online identity


2023 - current


Watchtower Security Solutions

Every inch of property is protected with Watchtower's versatile security solutions

In a world marked by constant change, time has become a critical factor in meeting clients' needs. Watchtower Security Solutions is committed to staying ahead of the curve by continuously seeking innovative ways to provide faster and more efficient services.

Brand & Web strategy
Research & Insight
Concept development
Web design & Development
Motion & Video

Their new recently launched website is a testament to this commitment. It serves as a seamless platform for delivering customised security solutions tailored to any situation.

From the initial stages of strategy development to the design and development of the website, we took charge of the entire process. The result is a brand new, user-friendly website that simplifies the security solution selection process and ensures the clients' peace of mind.


The blooming transformation of the Certhon brand