kill off the average

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Stuurmen Branding & Digital

Kill off the average

Stuurmen is in the creative heart of Eindhoven: Strijp-S. What once was, inspires what is yet to be. Past results are lessons for the future: craftsmanship requires imagination. That’s why we never put the brakes on creativity.

It all comes together in the Stuurmen-studio. DNA is translated into strategy, strategy takes shape in super brand identities and award-winning websites. We do not miss a single detail; every single thing is well thought out.

Work hard, work hard. For us, work feels like play. Ambition bounces off the walls, every day again. With unbridled energy we set the bar high, and if possible, a little higher.


  • Frank van Oudhuizen Brand & Digital Designer
  • Stijn de Jong Brand Strategist & Creative Developer
  • Pleun Verhoofstad Graphic Designer
  • Inge van Gastel Online Marketeer
  • Joris van Dierendonck Freelance Copywriter
  • Mees van den Ekart Freelance Photographer
  • Roy Vaes Freelance 3D Artist

The HQ at Strijp-S

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We’re always on the lookout for the talented who’ll expand the Stuurmen culture and team. Think you’re the right fit? Then we’d love to hear all about you.

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