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Abstraction, a tight-knit game-development studio that you might know from games like Angry Birds, ARK, Broforce and The King of Fighters. But what do you do when your organisation is expanding, but your brand does not longer represent who you are, what you do and how you make a difference?

Abstraction is best known for accurately and faithfully adapting videogame-titles across multiple platforms. But along the way, they learned that this has become part of a much wider variety of areas that they’re in. Unfortunately, the brand itself didn’t grow accordingly and that we call a ‘huge red flag’. Stuurmen was challenged to build a ‘killer’ brand in close harmony with Abstraction. A brand that has both substance and surface. Together with Abstraction we exposed their DNA to their core and built up the future from there. Abstraction rebranding press release


For this challenge to be tackled, it was of utter importance to embrace an inside-out approach. We set up a strategic preliminary process where we observed, analysed and concluded. Based on this process we made the translation to a solid brand. Because only when you know who you are, can you become whatever you want. 3 prominent challenges within this project were:

1. Making sure the internal brand is on point.
2. Creating a unique, layered and coherent brand identity.
3. Creating a solid foundation for future marketing-activities


Combining conceptual thinking with sharp aesthetics, led us to the creation of a meaningful brand that has both surface and substance. ‘Beyond Boundaries’ is the pay-off that they’re embracing from now on. This is what typifies them. They do not shy away from a challenge. Make it hard for them, and if possible, even harder. We also created a comprehensive Brand Guide System, which addresses the identity’s usability and perception, all while representing the core values and beliefs.

The most visual change is in the name. They have lost their tail: it’s no longer Abstraction Games, just Abstraction. And there’s a clear reason for that. Game-development is and always will be their core, but now there’s more. An ‘identification name’ like Abstraction Games, is simply in the way of that.

Bold and boutique, with a touch of casual.

When building the color palette, we kept very close to the brand values. We use black, white and grey to convey the ’boutique’ and ‘bold’. We use a touch of yellow to convey ‘casual’. We only use yellow in moderation and when it fits the message. Typography is used to create an interesting whole. The type is big, ‘in your face’ and gets alternated by small, countering type.


Supporting brand statements

The ‘Beyond Boundaries’ pay-off is supported by statements that describe how they make this happen. These statements have been translated into visual and abstract shapes. With the use of these shapes, we put emphasis on the importance of the message when we visually communicate.


One coherent whole, one point of contact.

Whether it is copywriting, photography, animation or even interior design. Within a project like this we gladly take the role of the ‘Stuurman’. We know what we’re good at and that’s Branding & Digital. That’s why we often act als ‘brand guards’ when there is an expertise needed that is outside of our services scope. Stuurmen wel always be the point of contact unless you like to see it differently. At the end of the day, a coherent brand is what we’re going for.



These days, brand experience inevitably passes through the web. The new website is proof that the web does not have to be static anymore. It literally goes ‘Beyond Boundaries’. A playable version of Pong, a visual reference to Super Mario 64 and a typographic whole make case for a pretty slick website, if you’d ask us. Behind the scenes there’s a Headless (CMS) Content Management System to (re)use data independently. The Abstraction HR system is paired so that vacancies get directly pushed to the website. Even game-support is automatically being pushed for the purpose of bug-tracking.

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